Our Story


Oommi Probiotics.

A company that cares.

Most commercial products are designed for the mass market which limits the quality of ingredients used as costing and results are major concerns. Therefore chemical ingredients are top choices to keep costs low and stay competitive within the mass market.

Our products are for the individuals who choose quality over quantity and want the best for themselves and their families. People whose priority is their health and safety and only consider using natural and safe products in their lives, understanding that it makes a difference in the long run.

We believe in giving our customers the best and that means making choices that are truly safe for people. Saying no to ingredients that can harm you in the long run. Even if that means higher costs for us as the health and safety of our customers are our utmost priority.


A constant process


Constant change. To better ourselves and our products. We carefully handpick every ingredient when formulating every product and seasonally improve the formulas with feedback from our customers. YOU play a big part in our growth! Good or bad, we want to hear everything about your experience with us. Reach us  at oommi.singapore@gmail.com or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts.


Our star ingredient


The OOMMI Probiotics are a powerful blend of beneficial microbes which are natural in origin, environmentally friendly and cultured using Japanese Micro-Biotechnology expertise. We believe probiotic products are the direction of the future and the next step towards health and longevity.

Our research has found that daily use conventional chemical products do not just endanger our environment, but can no longer clean / care with optimal efficiency. The overuse of cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics today is causing pathogenic bacteria to begin developing resistance to these chemical agents, making these products dangerous for us as they cause biological imbalances and promote the risk of bacterial infections.

Learning this has led us to find a solution to this issue by formulating a range of products that are filled with live probiotics and are natural in origin, non-toxic, safe for the whole family and are biodegradable.


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